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Wake up Tourists: St. Louis Most Dangerous City in the US

October 30, 2006 at 11:52 AM | by | ()

Morgan Quitno Press, a private researching and publishing company specializing in city reference books, says St. Louis is the most dangerous city for 2006, though the study doesn't account for the suburbs.

Somewhat interestingly, last week we sat next to a St. Louisian on a flight to Boston who told us that the city of St. Louis was in the midst of massive out flight and urban decay. He suggested that most urban professionals had long since fled the city for the comfort of the surrounding suburbs, though these folks still claimed to be from St. Louis. Does that skew the survey?

Since Nelly always released candy-ass hip hop about being from the Lou, we never really took St. Louis for any more than a faux hardcore city with a giant arch. Hey, must be the money. Looks like we may have to change our thinking. A quick web search shows that under the Kingshighway bridge and anywhere near the Hill are not places the St. Louis tourism board want you to know about.

Oh, and on South Grand, apparently things are so bad graffiti artists are begging for the dinosaurs to return and restore order. Enjoy that parade, Cardinal fans.

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