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High Definition Travel Show Review: Get Out!

October 12, 2006 at 3:08 PM | by | ()

High Definition television is causing a resurgence in travel themed programming. We tend to think the genesis for these programs was the oft mocked, briefly aired Taradise. This new breed of travel programming is often shallow, mildly informative, and sometimes even unintentionally entertaining. We will let you know which of these shows we consider either best-of-breed, or unwatchable, we can't decide. Feel free to submit your own suggestions.

Travel Show: Get Out!

Channel: HDNET

Broadcast Times: Various

Typical Episode:  Three girls in bikinis take a surf lesson in Cabo.  The girls sun together, surf together, shower together, and drink together.

Typcial Dialougue:  "How cool was it to see nothing but blue water all around us."--cut to shot of girls swimming underwater.

Typical Web Board Show Comment: "Poor Lindsey Clubine... Do you think she knew she had the ultimate CT in her bikini this week? It was so noticeable, even the wife commented."

Little Known Fact:  Host Lindsey Clubine holds case #26 on NBC's Deal or No Deal.

Hybrid: Where in the World is Matt Lauer meets Maxim Magazine

Lindsey Clubine photo in question post click.

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Lindsay Clubine

I live in Westchester County New York and I do not know where to watch Get Out. Can anyone help me?