Minneapolis' Nap Store

September 21, 2005 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

There is nothing like being on the road and being so exhausted you could fall sleep just about anywhere--except there's nowhere for you to lie down. Those airport chairs? Way too rigid. Plus there's always the fact you've got to keep one eye open on the luggage.

The Mall of America seems to have caught on. The shopping megalith in MN has opened MinneNAPolis, a store where nap time is sold for 70 cents a minute. It's got themed rooms, like Deep Space or Tropical Mist, that block out all outside noises. The store's specifically aimed for "weary travelers who need a nap after a long flight but aren't staying long enough to book a hotel room" and tired shoppers.

It could be the priciest nap you've ever taken, but when you're tired that won't seem to matter.

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