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Dennis Rodman Cheats In Wife-Carrying Contest

July 7, 2005 at 10:34 AM | by | ()

Imagine for a second this is your life:

You wake up in your Malibu home, around 11am, and your phone is ringing.  You step over the sea of naked bodies, men and women leftover from a hard night of partying, and pick up your phone--it is your agent.

Your agent says:
"GoldenPalace.com want to pay you to compete in the annual Wife Carrying World Championships--don't worry about bringing your wife, you can borrow one when you get to Finland--she will be over 17 years old and around 110 pounds--now get your ass down to LAX, your flight is pre-paid."

You figure what the hell. Pack your bag and call a cab.

You fly all the way to Finland, and then you only run the last 100 meters? Come on Dennis, we were so with you until the cheating.

The ex-basketball star only participated in the final 100 meters of the 235 meter course saying that he was not ready for such a grueling course. In a post-event press conference, Rodman promised to train harder for next year's competition.

Such is life in the world of the worm.

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