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Celebrity Houses Google-Mapped

November 15, 2005 at 5:15 PM | by | ()

Here's another in the near-infinite world of Google Maps Mashups: celebrity maps. We're very doubtful about the data (does Dolph Lundren really have three houses in the same general area? And what about the late Frank Sinatra's two? And why is the list so 80s- and 70s-rific?) But still, it's good for a couple minutes of not-at-all-stalkerish fun: be sure to use the satellite overlay and try to estimate square footage.

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Archived Comments:

celebrity-maps is completely wrong

i used to live in LA and know several of the people on the celebrity-maps site.  this site is completely off on where their homes are.  i looked at six listings, for people on that list that i know, and they were all wrong - some VERY wrong, like one said this person lives in santa monica, when she actually lives in the valley. this celebrity-maps site is awful

Motownphilly back again...

BoyzIIMen supposedly live together, under one roof. on Sunset Blvd.


Though if someone did this with the correct addresses it might be scary.