Jaunted's guide to Uruguay's hottest beach town. Hint: It's not Punta del Este.

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Jaunted's Guide To Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay

December 16, 2008 at 4:50 PM | by | ()

Earlier this year, Jaunted editor Paul Brady spent a few days in Punta del Diablo while on his Uruguay Field Trip. It was so enjoyable, he went back, and today brings us this guide to the boomingest beach town on the South Atlantic.

One thing you'll fast realize when planning a trip to Uruguay is that there doesn't seem to be any information out there about visiting the country. Yes, there have been newspaper articles about Punta del Este, but that's no more Uruguay than South Beach is the United States. In perhaps the biggest info dump available to English speakers, Lonely Planet's guide to South America on a Shoestring gives the entire country 29 pages; Argentina gets 138.

But even if Uruguay remains off the radar, on the other side of the equator, summer is heating up, and tourists are flooding into Punta del Diablo, the beach town I've called home for the past month. One of many fishing-turned-surfing-turned-tourist towns that dot the country's seemingly endless and sandy coastline, it's perhaps the most popular of the moment: An article in Sunday's El Pais reports that as many as 10,000 day-trippers will be visiting each day this high season--on top of the 40,000 that will spend the night.

To help you cut through the crowds, you'll need our guide--and this map to all the must-sees.

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