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Where To Hear Live Music: New England's Tweeter Center

Where: 885 S Main St [map], Mansfield, MA, United States, 02048
August 20, 2007 at 10:55 AM | by | ()

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Jaunted was on hand for Download 2007 at the Tweeter Center (say it with a Mass accent for added entertainment value) in Mansfield, MA this past weekend. Overall, the Tweeter Center, the venue formerly known as Great Woods, is your classic summer outdoor amphitheater, with seats peeling back into a wider lawn area. The above footage is from row X, which is fairly close to the stage. As for the sound, well, it is an open air venue, so acoustics can be a bit spotty. Furthermore, if you are up on the lawn area it can be difficult to see the stage, you end up watching the jumbotrons, but isn't that the case at most of these outdoor summer concert stadiums?

The venue atmosphere is laid back, with plenty of food and beverage options. The beer selection is vast, but a beer will run you $8 a pop -- food is also on the expensive side.

Bonus tip
Leaving the concert you will end up in a long, slow moving traffic line if you leave right as the show ends. If you want to avoid exit traffic you have two choices -- leave a song or two early, or just chill out after the show for a good thirty minutes before you exit and you will have smooth sailing on the way home.

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