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Kermit's Hurt Video: NIN Playing Old Milan Bus Station

Where: Via Valtellina 25, Milan, Italy
March 30, 2007 at 11:03 AM | by | ()

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You can see Nine Inch Nails, sans Kermit, at the following location:

April 01 Milan, Itlay @ Alcatrazz

Which has been described as a "fantastic but strange discotheque":

The disco Alcatraz gave me one of the most incredible experiences during my first year in Milan. The place is huge, with 3 different dance floors with different kinds of music. The whole place is actually an old bus-station, but you can't see much of all those buses nowadays...

Tickets are still available on the NIN site. As for Kermit, his pain lingers, and he will not be touring until he gets out of Promises and finalizes his ugly divorce with Miss Piggy.

If he does join NIN for the European leg of this tour, we are totally hopping a plane to the continent.

Google Map of Alcatraz Milan.

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