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Bret Invents a Vaccine for 'Pepileptic Dogs'; Wins The Girl

Where: 210 E 3rd St [map], New York, NY, United States, 10009
February 23, 2009 at 4:23 PM | by | ()

Women with missing epileptic dogs named Charlie you are in luck. Your knights in 80s animal t-shirts and denim blazers have arrived. Their name is Flight of the Conchords. You might be able to catch them at a Jazzercise class or at a benefit gig for "pepileptic dogs." If you're really lucky, they may fight over you at Cafe Cortadito in the East Village.

That's where Jemaine and Bret wooed the oddly-named Brahbrah (played by the very funny Kirsten Wiig), a woman with a (you guessed it) missing epileptic dog named Charlie.

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Cafe Cortadito is a moderately-priced Cuban joint located at 210 E 3rd St. between Avenues B and C. Reviewers on Menu Pages rave about the food and the intimate space but bemoan the long waits and in some cases, rude service. Up until recently it was BYOB but the website tells us now the restaurant is serving some wine and beer. Ay Carumba!

We're looking at the menu right now and you must excuse our drool but the Cuban Bocaditos and the Croquetas are calling our names. The NY Times also liked the ropa vieja, a shredded beef in creole sauce and the bread pudding for "lingering" after the meal.

However, Bret didn't really get to linger here with Brahbrah as Jemaine showed up 15 minutes early for his date with her. Still it all worked out alright for Bret in the end. Despite unknowingly killing a few epileptic dogs at their benefit concert with their strobe light display, Brahbrah expressed interest in Bret over Jemaine, you know..."If he's straight."

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