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Jemaine Falls in Love With Another 'Race'

February 16, 2009 at 4:01 PM | by | ()

The smackdown between Australians and Kiwis continues this week on Flight of the Conchords when Jemaine has an abusive relationship with a Sheila. Ah, but where there is pain, there is gain. The episode produces two of the best songs this season--the type of songs that made us fall in love with Jemaine and Bret in the first place.

The first of which, "Too Many D--ks on the Dance Floor," takes place inside the fictional Score Spot disco on Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn. It's actually known as Club Exit in real life and according to NY Mag:

Polish club kids and greasy rockers cross unlikely paths on the zebra-printed dance floor of this over-the-top nightclub.

Hmm...we wonder if they filmed the interior scenes elsewhere as the Score Spot looked more "Saturday Night Fever" than "Eurotrip." Anyways, after creating "lady space" on the dance floor, Jemaine meets a girl named Keitha who he later finds out to be *gasp* an Australian.

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The AV Club has the best recap of Jemaine's horrific discovery:

Only when he tried to sneak out in the morning did he see the subtle clues in Keitha’s apartment: a poster of kangaroos, an empty can of Foster’s, a panoramic skyline shot of Sydney in the den, and an Australian flag on the wall. Unable to open the door, he calls Bret in a panic. “Hey man, where are you?” Bret says. “Did you run away?”

At a clinic an hour later—presumably to get Jemaine tested for an STI—the pair goes over the details of the night before. Did she make fun of his accent? How did her accent sound? “Like an evil version of our accent,” Jemaine says.

As we said last week, Jemaine and Bret do it best when it involves ladies, preferably ladies that leave them. We can't even begin to talk about the unspeakable things Keitha later does to Jemaine. But before love went awry, Jemaine was able to come up with "Carol Brown (Stick Around)", a love song about how why his former girlfriends left him ("Tiffany had an epiphany," "Fran ran" "Flo wasn't feeling the flow.") This song is without a doubt our favorite song of this season. We like "D--ks on the Dance Floor" but this was more clever. And the special effects on this song are very cool too.

However, we have to wonder: is the Australian hating is getting out of control? Even the FOTC website promotes a box on what Australians are really saying ("Lets go off to the hotel for a tinny" translates to "Let's go rob some non-Aussie people and kill their dogs.") Since the Aussies are really promoting the heck out of their country lately (See Sydney on MySpace), we can't help but think that they might have something to say about the Conchords...in their evil accents, of course.

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