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Hamptons Restaurants: Matto

Where: 104 N. Main St. [map], East Hampton, NY, United States, 11937
August 14, 2007 at 2:45 PM | by | ()

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If you're headed to the East End for an upcoming weekend, forgo the cheesy nightclubs and instead have dinner at Matto, the perfect stop after a day at The Beach.

Matto's dining room features white-fabric draped ceilings, soft candlelight, and a decidedly chic-but-beachy feel. The menu includes "Angry Shrimp" that are perfectly spiced with roasted garlic and scallions, as well as thin crust pizzas, fresh housemade pastas, and traditional meats and fish. Drink wine by the glass or the bottle and stare at the local--and visiting--beautiful people. Something about being at Matto refreshingly makes you feel like one too.

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Where To Find Water Taxi Beach

Where: Hunters Point [map], Long Island City, NY, United States
June 28, 2007 at 12:28 PM | by | ()

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A beach you'd actually want to put your toes into in Long Island City? We know what you're thinking, too good to be true. Not so, my friends. Enter Water Taxi Beach, a public/private partnership (ie. tented bar) run by New York Water Taxi that offers the perfect sandy floor (a covered parking lot) right on the water. If you close your eyes for a minute, it's like being at an actual beach.

Grab your friends and pull up a picnic table (provided). Sip on beer, sangria, or wine and snack on a Coney Joe (beef chili on a bun) or the famous Friday Night chicken bbq. It's open most nights (without rain) and is free before 8pm. Show up later and you'll only cough up $3-$5. The 7/G/E/F train will get you there in no time too.

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[Photo: Maura]

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Beach House Spectacular: One Ocean View

August 1, 2006 at 12:51 PM | by | ()

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File this one in the Things We Do For You category: Here's a recap of last night's One Ocean View. OOV is a short reality TV series by the same production team that does the Real World. In it, a bunch of heavily waxed singles spend the summer in Fire Island (mostly weekends, as some are working New Yorkers) and do all the things one would expect from reality TV housemates. The show is kind enough to give one line descriptions for the cast members, and we'll do the same:

Miki and Rhada: Twins that own an organic pizza shop in New York City. Tastefully crunchy.

Mary--A handbag designer that lives in both New York and L.A. She's got L.A. attitude and New York looks. Uh oh.

Lisa--The "shy" one, who is also a "dancer". A shy dancer, we assume.

KJ--Originally from North Jersey, he owns a gym. Guido.

John--Described as the romantic one, he's a broker of some kind. Sensitive Guido.

Usman--Ethnic and horny, much like if Fez from That 70's Show was a wealthy lawyer. Metro Guido.

Zach and Lauren--Formerly a couple, Lauren is keeping Zach on the hook (she was his only girlfriend) while she sluts around with other men. He's a delusional Guido, she's mostly evil.

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Beach House Spectactular: Fire Island Stinks?

July 28, 2006 at 11:16 AM | by | ()

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Surprise, surprise, Fire Island never cottoned to the whole reality show (One Ocean View) filming in their midst. Just like residents of Denver, where the Real World is currently filming, and Scottsdale, which was the location for an MTV Super Sweet Sixteen episode, Fire Island would rather not have a bunch of drunken, horny egomaniacs careening through their hometown.

According to locals, portraying the area as a super-sexy Hamptons lite, as ABC is aiming to do, is inaccurate:

"From their pictures, the guys on the show are all glamorous," said Maria Rondisi, who works in magazine production and was spending a recent Friday on the beach in front of the shared house where the show was shot in June and early July..."The real guys out here are beer-drinking, shower-once-a-week, down-to-earth fun guys," she said. "It's not the Hamptons."
Remember that folks: Fire Island is stinky, not sexy. And yet, it still sounds a lot more pleasant than the Hamptons.

[Image via Sarahbfrom/Flickr]

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Beach House Spectacular: Links

July 21, 2006 at 3:50 PM | by | ()

From Maine:
Best Maine Chow [Worchester Telegram]
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Maine Snorkel Challenge [Maine Today]

From New Jersey:
Best Jersey Shore Chow []
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From Long Island:
Where to Park Your Yacht [NYDN]
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Beach House Spectacular: Fire Island Nickel and Dime

July 14, 2006 at 9:40 AM | by | ()

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How many happy couples dream of the day when they can have their wedding on a beach? Sure, it can be a logistical nightmare, but think of the memories! And, of course, those gorgeous photos of the smiling newlyweds.

But wait--if you have your wedding photos taken on a beach in the Fire Island National Seashore on Long Island, you'll have to pay another $100 to $300 to the Parks Department for the privilege. For their part, they claim it is to control the flow of large groups moving through, and the funds do go to maintaining the seashore. Still, local photogs have a point:

"We're not crawling all over the dunes," said Bob Ruymen, co-owner of Visual Concepts in Islip. "I'm probably more careful than park visitors who throw their junk around."
Jeez, Bob, get in the wedding spirit--a bouquet isn't junk.

[Image via SpunkyMonkey/Flickr]

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Beach House Spectacular: Links

July 7, 2006 at 2:17 PM | by | ()

From Maine:
· A man talks about his walk to a Maine beach [Magic City Morning Star]
· Too many tourists can ruin the fun [Morning Sentinel]
· Maine beaches that allow your best friend [Dog Friendly Beach Guide]

From Long Island:
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· Wilmer Valderrama Hits Up Stereo, Place Officially "Over" [TMZ]
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From the Jersey Shore:
· More bad smells hit the Jersey Shore and its not just Drakkar Noir [NBC10]
· Europeans are visiting Cape May [Press of Atlantic City]
· Park Model RVs sure to make Jersey Shore classier [Courier Post Online]

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Beach House Spectacular: Long Island Long Since Past?

July 7, 2006 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

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Sorry, twenty-somethings: The Hamptons and Fire Island don't want you any more. No, according to a recent New York Times article, there aren't nearly as many group shares (houses where tons of young folk crash for a summer) as there were twenty years ago. Many of those houses have been fixed up, turned into cash cow rentals for families, or purchased. Unsurprisingly, those landlords aren't interested in having a bunch of drunk kids on their property if they can get less problematic tenants instead.

On the flip side, those young cosmopolitan whippersnappers are indifferent to the Hamptons. Quoth one hipsterette:

"If someone is like, 'I'm going to the Hamptons for the weekend,' " she said, "I'm like, 'You are so generic.' "
Snap, yo!

The article points out that for the several hundred dollars it takes to spend a weekend in the Hamptons, many prefer to go someone completely unassociated with Long Island (like Miami) or stay in the city and drink on their roof. Bummer for Martha Stewart. She'll have to look for a young buck to Sugar Mama during the cooler months, now, instead of easily luring one with pool access.

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Beach House Spectacular: Links

June 23, 2006 at 1:25 PM | by | ()

From Maine:
Lose Moose Terrorizs Portland [FN]
Sand Sculpture Competition This Weekend [HULN]
Teen Lobsterman? [WCSH]

From the Jersey Shore:
Shrore Gets Utz Potato Chip Mansion [1010]
Jersey Shore is in Pennsylvania? [APP]
Tiffany's Means Martinis, right? [APP]

From Long Island:
Lack of Reality on Fire Island [NYM]
Best Summer Cocktails [NYT]
Real Estate Intrigue, Hamptons-Style [Star]

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Beach House Spectacular: Forks on the Forks

June 23, 2006 at 8:27 AM | by | ()

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More Hamptons dish! Or, rather, dishes--Newsday has served up a tasty overview of food options, both new and old, on Long Island. Mainstay Della Femina in East Hampton gets called "old-fashioned food with presence"; of course, even Alan Richman liked it Della Femina, grumbling that his only concern was how hard it is to get a choice table there on a Saturday night.

Sag Harbor, meanwhile, is welcoming a little spice into their restaurant lives with Mumbo Gumbo, a Cajun barbeque joint. In addition to fried chicken and po'boys, they'll also serve 10 different types of gumbo. It's certainly a far cry from cucumber sandwiches.

Our favorite description, though, is of perennial hotspot Nick & Toni's, also in East Hampton. Their food is also meant to be fresh and delicious, but you can rest assured that you'll need to be somebody if you want to get a nice seat at a place that even Newsday describes as "very Hamptonsesque". Touché.

[Image via Brian Wilson/Flickr]

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Beach House Spectacular: Hamptons Gold-Diggers

June 16, 2006 at 10:16 AM | by | ()

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The Hamptons was crowded with far more strident women than usual this past weekend. They had one main difference from the usual summer resident--these women wanted to be rich and famous, instead of, you know, being that way already.

The women were in the Hamptons to audition for ABC television show The Bachelor. This season's hunk is Lorenzo Borghese, a gin-u-wine Italian prince, and will be filmed in Rome. Because Rome and Southampton are quite similar, wouldn't you say?

Meanwhile, Long Island is reality TV central this summer. Between the Bachelor and filming in Fire Island, there will be a wealth of cameras on the beach. Of course, if you live in the Hamptons in the summer, you already know all about manufactured reality.

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Beach House Spectacular: Just Beachy, Thanks

June 9, 2006 at 10:35 AM | by | ()

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Money can buy you a lot of things, but it can't buy your love. Or a parking space, apparently. Yup, you've missed your chance to get one of the 2,600 nonresident parking permits for the many quality beaches in the Village of East Hampton--and their beaches are considered the best in the Hamptons.

Sorry, machers and power brokers, wheelers and dealers, and hot shots of all stripes; you'll have to walk, bike, or, horror of horrors, be dropped off. Main Beach allows day permits during the week, but those are the only scraps you'll be tossed. You're SOL otherwise, unless you can prove residence (like Steven Spielberg and Calvin Klein) in the town.

The permits are $250 a pop, and are a policy that the village has been enforcing since 2003. They claim that it's to maintain the pristine natural beauty of the area, and that makes sense to us. Also, it must be pretty entertaining to jerk rich people around--people who pay $75,000 for a summer rental, and then can't get a parking spot. How soon until a back market trade in these stickers crops up on craigslist?

[Image via La Copa Azul/Flickr]

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