Nürburg Travel Guide

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Macht Schnell! How to Drive Germany's Famous Nürburgring Race Track

February 5, 2013 at 9:38 AM | by | ()

Although there are many great driving roads in the world, perhaps the most famous is the Nürburgring. Built and completed in 1927 around the medieval castle city of Nürburg, it lies about 75 miles northwest of Frankfurt and 50 miles south of Cologne. Easy day trip distance, which is exactly our focus.

Though the Nürburgring is used mainly by car companies for testing and sanctioned races, examples of the latter being DTM (German Touring Car) and Formula 1, it is open to the public...if you can handle it. Nürburgring is widely regarded as the toughest and most demanding race track in the world due to its long length and sheer number of corners. Public access is typically on the weekends, and all road-legal vehicles can pay to drive on this historic road. Sports cars and motorcycles are the of course the most common sights, but even RVs and tour buses are allowed to have their turn.

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