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Not an April Fools' Joke: Flight Attendant Jobs are Out There

April 1, 2013 at 9:40 AM | by | ()

It might just be the worst day on the internet—April Fools’ Day—so we’re trying our best to give it to you straight.

If you’re looking for a job in the airline industry there’s a company looking for a few good men and women to serve up in the skies. It might not have the prestige of a legacy carrier or an international airline, but you need to start somewhere. That’s why you might want to proofread that resume one more time, as Pinnacle Airlines is getting ready to do a little hiring.

The carrier operates regional routes for bigger airlines like Delta, so your dreams of flying overseas and serving up champagne might be a little far for now. However, there’s plenty of flight attendant positions up for grabs, as well as options for mechanics, crew schedulers, and even accountants. Assorted analyst, manager, and writer positions are available too, as Pinnacle looks to move their home from Memphis to Minneapolis-St. Paul later this spring.

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Farm-fresh Food Market Meets Food Court at Minneapolis-St. Paul

January 4, 2013 at 10:27 AM | by | ()

It seems like every time we hear from Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport the place is getting better and better. Some of the last news we caught was that they were finally opening up the WiFi waves free to one and all, and now they’re going all in with some tasty new options. It’s not quite a farmer’s market live from the airport, but some food stalls and a fresh take on the food court make it worth checking out.

OTG Management is the group behind the new concept, as they bring this idea of a sort of food hall thing to a US airport for the first time. If you’re looking for it it’s over in the G Concourse at the airport—that’s in Terminal 1 with all those Delta flights. The whole area kind of connects several gates, and as you make your way toward your flight you can take a pit stop for a snack, beverage, or just a magazine. There’s even plenty of iPad ordering capabilities, so it makes spending your hard earned cash that much more enjoyable.

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Inside Delta's SkyClub at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

November 6, 2012 at 11:24 AM | by | ()

US airlines are surely not known for stunning domestic lounges with great design, nice (enough) food, and comfy areas to sit and relax before squeezing into airplanes for a flight. That's why it comes as a surprise we actually enjoyed ourselves when we stepped foot inside the Delta SkyClub at Minneapolis/St. Paul. It boasts tons of space, thoughtful design and free Wifi, just what we wanted.

Upon first entry, we noted the sleek entrance highlighted by the clean blue glass that makes the space bright and fresh. After a little hang-up flashing our Virgin Australia Velocity frequent flyer gold card, we were pointed in the right direction to sit back and relax (and eat Biscoff). With MSP being a major hub for Delta, the airport offers two SkyClubs (one near Gate C12 and one near the entrances to Concourses F & G; this is the latter).

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Yes! Chick-fil-A is Scheduled to Arrive at MSP Later This Spring

February 29, 2012 at 9:24 AM | by | ()

All right this might not be the biggest announcement in airport restaurant dining, but we can hardly contain our excitement about the scheduled arrival of waffle fries at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Chick-fil-A is joining the dining lineup at the airport later this year, and all the crispy chicken sandwiches you can eat will be found within Concourse C of Terminal 1.

That’s the terminal—also know as Lindbergh—where Delta does their thing, so we’re curious of they had any kind of influence on bringing the Southern restaurant chain all the way to Minnesota.

The Chick-fil-A at MSP will be the first location for the chain within the state of Minnesota, so maybe if all goes well we’ll see some locations outside of the airport before too long. The fast food fried chicken will be moving into a location that used to be home to Godfather's Pizza and A&W, and we’ve got to say that airport officials have made a great decision. We’re already looking forward to some thirst-quenching lemonade, the aforementioned waffle fries, and of course plenty of chicken sandwiches.

Our only recommendation is to not include one of those fancy pants Coke machines, as no one seems to be able to operate the one outside the Chick-fil-A location in ATL.

[Photo: chief_huddleston]

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Sbarro's is Out and Pei Wei is in at MSP

September 22, 2011 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

We’re not shy when it comes to our true feelings for Sbarro at the airport, so we’re happy to report that we recently spotted one that has recently departed its airport location. You know that we’re already in love with Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for plenty of reasons, and the exit of the pizza place is just another reason we’re singing its merits.

On a recent layover at the airport, we almost stopped in our tracks—on the moving sidewalk—when we discovered that Sbarro was on its way out in favor of Pei Wei Asian Diner. Sure it’s one chain restaurant for another, but we’ve always thought of PF Chang’s little brother as one of the best mass produced faux-Asian cuisine options around.

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Every Layover Brings New Reasons to Love Minneapolis Airport

July 15, 2011 at 6:13 PM | by | ()

A note before the weekend: if you're traveling through Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this weekend—or really any time through the rest of the summer—we encourage you to stop for a moment and smell the roses, as it goes. MSP is quickly becoming our new favorite airport. Not for departing from or arriving to so much, but definitely for tranferring through.

First, that's sweet (and hidden) observation deck, then they've got vintage pinball machines and arcade games, and of course we cannot forget about the infamous Larry Craig bathroom. But now, during yet another layover, something else caught our eye: little laptop/phone charging trays affixed to poles near windows where the tarmac view is especially nice.

MSP knows they've got serious #avgeek numbers amongst their daily traveler population, and why not encourage them to do what they love best? That is, chilling out and just watching planes take to the skies. You'll find the majority of them hanging out between the bajillion Delta gates, but you know what? We'll go the extra mile for an outlet and a view.

[Photo: Jaunted]

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Weinergate of the Past: Where is the Senator Larry Craig Stall at Minneapolis Airport?

June 14, 2011 at 8:57 AM | by | ()

In the midst of all the Weinergate 2011 talk, it's important to step back and realize that America has a fine history of sexual political intrigue, and that sometimes we come closer to the history of it than we expect. Take, for example, the infamous Senator Larry Craig bathroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

It's been almost four years to the date (June 11, 2007) when Idaho Senator Craig was arrested for "lewd behavior" after making the foot-tapping signals to initiate a gay sex encounter in one of the numerous men's restrooms at the airport. As the story goes, the man he was signalling to was actually an undercover cop, and Larry was cuffed and booked.

The bathroom still exists just as it was, and just this morning was watched as travelers unwittingly passed by or through it. If you'd not like to miss out on the chance to note this odd little landmark in American Political History, we'll help you find it:

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iPads, 48 Beers, and Sandwiches by Andrew Zimmern Coming to Minneapolis Airport in 2012

May 18, 2011 at 8:27 AM | by | ()

Our pic of Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain at a past Travel Channel event

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport is gearing up to blow your mind...in terms of airport food. Just when travelers get used to running in to a Sbarro's, Cinnabon, or—if it's a fancier airport, a Starbucks with pastry case—great news like this comes along to brighten the day: MSP and Delta will begin work in January on whole new restaurants and dining options inside Concourse G.

All in all, it's to be a $2 billion renovation, states BizJournals. Hopefully sooner rather than later, we'll get to add a restaurant from Andrew Zimmern to our list of things to do on your layover at MSP. It's to be called Minni Bar, with a menu of globally-inspired sandwiches and who doesn't love sandwiches? Minni Bar will join Minnesota Beer Hall (with 48 brews on tap), Mill City Tavern from a James Beard-nominated chef, a modern Japanese restaurant and a local bakery outpost in the new terminal arrivals.

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Minneapolis' Airport Will Take You to the Candy Shop

April 15, 2011 at 10:56 AM | by | ()

It’s Friday, so we’ll try to keep things nice and light around here. What better way to welcome the weekend then a little trip to one of the country’s newest candy shops, and best of all, this one is located right at the airport.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has added Sugar Pop to The Mall section of Terminal 1-Lindbergh—that’s where most of the Delta flights do their thing. It’s colorful, fun, and a good diversion to all the cranky business travelers that are usually crowding the terminals and concourses.

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Gate-Side Pizza Delivery is (Hopefully) Coming to an Airport Near You

February 2, 2011 at 10:49 AM | by | ()

When you have a tight layover there’s often some important choices to make. Like missing lunch—or skipping a trip to the bathroom—in favor of catching the flight and scoring some hard-to-get overhead bin access.

Going hungry might not be the case at Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport in the future, as it looks like the airport is thinking about a new delivery service for those waiting at the gates. The best part of the new idea is that all the ordering will come via cellphone—or even iPad—so you can make your selection while you’re taxiing into the gate.

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Minneapolis is the Gayest City in the United States

January 17, 2011 at 5:51 PM | by | ()

We've recently been introduced to the gayest country to travel to, which, oddly, is Nepal, but what about the gayest US city? We use the superlative as it relates to the most gay-friendly city, as judged by The Advocate magazine using the most highly scientific criteria:

For each city, The Advocate added up numbers for Gay.com profiles, listed officiants for gay weddings within a 50-mile radius, openly gay elected officials, performances by lesbian sisters musical duo Tegan and Sara over the past five years, lesbian bars, gay and gay-friendly religious congregations and entries in YellowPages.com with "gay" in the business name or description.

And the winner of Gayest City to Visit in the USA is...Minneapolis, Minnesota! Congratulations, MN—you beat out other apparent shoe-ins, like New York City, Portland, Provincetown, and San Francisco. Time to put up some celebratory street signs!

[Photo: jimmywayne]

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Fancy Burgers and Wider Seats Await at the Minnesota Twins' New Target Field

March 30, 2010 at 12:51 PM | by | ()

In case you missed it, major league baseball has been getting ready for the 2010 season in both Florida and in Arizona, and after all that practice it’s almost time to get the season officially underway.

We’re big fans of ballparks around the country, and this year there’s one that’s getting us particularity excited. The new home to the Minnesota Twins—Target Field—is set to hold its first major league game this month. It’s also the first time Minnesota fans will be sitting outside to watch a game after years of being trapped inside a dome.

The Twins will first set foot on the stadium’s fresh grass this weekend, but it's only for exhibition games. The St. Louis Cardinals will be in town to check out the new stadium for themselves, but they’ll also be getting a couple last practice games in on April 2 and 3. There will be all kinds of special stuff to commemorate opening weekend, including the unveiling of bronze statues dedicated to Rod Carew and Harmon Killebrew. To see some real games where the outcomes matter a little more, you’ll need to stick around and wait until April 12 when the Twins host the Red Sox.

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